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About Us

Regardless of nature of business, safety and security is a prime concern for any business organizations to run. Security is the need to feel safe, to feel assured that you know what is going to happen, to know ahead of time what the plans are and what precautionary measures are to be taken to avoid any unfavorable situation. Safety is the procedure by which you set your environment in such a way that the risk, hazards automatically reduce.

Considering the fact discussed above, we have established our Company NEECOM (Nepcons Equipment and Engineering Company) in the year of 2006 by a group of professionals to provide various types of hi-tech safety and security equipment to keep your business house/factories/industries hazardous free. Most of our products are world renowned brands and are very competitive in price. We have set up a skilled technical team to provide all sorts of support that may require at customer's end in the process of supplying our products. We are very proud to disclose that, till today more than 150 companies have availed our services which included banks, multinational companies, government ICPIS, local giant groups etc.

You never know when an emergency might occur. But you can be better prepared with NEECOM's safety and security solutions. We have the team, technology and the dedication to help you mange the complex safety and security situations your business can face. Our trained and experienced professionals are one phone call away.